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3rd edition of young parliamentarians

The third edition of the Young Parliamentarians’ #ejjewniddibattu Program came to an end on Wednesday, 6th April, 3 interschool debates were held between schools who made it to the final stage.

One hundred and forty students coming from 21 schools were given the opportunity to participate in the debating competition #ejjewniddibattu. This program is run in 3 phases, the first 2 phases are designed to give training opportunities to gear up the students with the skills which will help them express their ideas clearly, and to debate in a persuasive manner.

The skills gained during this training are transferable skills which will not only serve for this debate tournament but may come useful for other academic events and life in general.

The final phase reaches its climax in the group stage, the semi-final and the final debate challenge with the winning school receiving the Youth Parliamentarians trophy and a prize of Eur 750 and the runners up Eur 250. Additionally, for the very first time this year, another award was introduced for the best 2 debaters.

Since the first 2 editions were held online, there was a lot of anticipation for this year’s in-person debate events. The debating tournament was spread over 3 days: The Group Stage, where 36 debates were being conducted simultaneously and another 3 debates took place during the Final Stage. The topics for the debates were proposed in a form of a recommendation by the young people themselves during the Pen 2 Paper session.

The sessions were an opportunity for young people’s to show their public speaking, research and teamwork skills.
Agenzija Zghazagh would like to congratulate and thank all the participating schools, coordinators and students. Following the final event, St. Ignatius College came out as winners with St. Margaret’s College as runners up. Lexi De Martino from San Andrea Senior School and Francesco Giorgino from St. Ignatius College also won the Best Debater Awards.

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