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As the next scholastic year approaches, 400 students are currently attending 2 online courses offered by Aġenzija Żgħażagħ as part of its summer programme.

My New School Adventure and the Secondary School Survival Kit are intended to equip students who will start Years 7 and 9 next September with the skills needed to be able to navigate these transitions successfully.  The youth workers presenting these sessions make use of icebreakers, games, online apps and discussions to delve into a different topic every session.  To ensure maximum reach, Aġenzija Żgħażagħ is offering these courses in small groups at staggered times and in different tracks to ensure that all those who wanted to enrol in these transition programmes would be able to find a convenient slot.  In all, 9 youth workers are involved in the delivery of these sessions.

As the students who opted to sit for the twice weekly sessions finish their courses this week, the youth workers delivering these sessions have been reflecting on this new mode of interacting with young people this summer:

Shaun Busuttil

“By adopting a youth work approach, these sessions are preparing students for these different experiences by equipping them with various skills for a smoother transition. Different activities are designed to expose students to different challenges they will face during their next scholastic year whilst building their confidence through teamwork.”

Malcolm Lee Attard

“The essence of youth work is the relationship with young people. While having such sessions virtually places a strain on this relationship, I prefer looking at this year’s scenario as an opportunity. An opportunity for further outreach in the community. On a personal point of view, I greatly enjoy meeting young people and creating a space to help them develop their skill-set for both their next educational transition and also in their personal life.”

Tamara Vella

“Throughout the past weeks, we have been working with these young people in order to help them experience a smoother transition. I believe that these sessions are giving them confidence to speak up and discuss with new people that they don’t know, and this is helping them to understand and be more prepared for what they might find in their new school.”

Roderick Borg

“It is truly satisfying to listen to these students expressing themselves. As they approach their teens, their creativity, expressive skills and sense of initiative is truly admirable and something that motivates me to keep working in the youth field. Working with different young people and helping them to realise their potential, motivates me as a youth worker to continue doing my utmost during these sessions.

As the Covid-19 situation continues to loom ahead uncertainly, Aġenzija Żgħażagħ will continue to offer support to young people if and as needed.

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