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Digital 52nd international session of the Model European Parliament



Since 1994, an international session of the Model European Parliament has been held twice a year in a different European country.  This pattern was broken earlier this year when MEP Stockholm had to be postponed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. However Covid -19 didn’t bring the organizers and participant’s willingness to a halt.

For the very first time in 26 years, the Model European Parliament was held online during the month of November. Despite the initial trepidation of trying to keep the same format of an international session albeit virtually, 18 countries took part which resulted in having 130+ delegates, committee presidents, MEP presidents and coordinators logged online for the opening session of this first digital session. 

Using different virtual platforms and applications, delegates were able to work in committees to draft and lobby for their resolutions which led its way to the General Assembly; to defend and vote for 8 different resolutions.

A social programme was also included so that the delegates would still be able to enjoy a ‘MEP experience’.

The Swedish theme was not abandoned and one of the highlights of the social programme was a model Eurovision song contest where each country presented their rendition of an Abba song.

Malta was represented by Mariah Zammit, Chloe Cauchi, Hailey Ciantar, Daniela Marotta and Sam Delia who embarked on this adventure as if online MEP conferences have always been the order of the day.   Agenzija Zghazagh was able to host the 5 delegates at the Youth Village – St. Venera while still respecting the current health regulations.

 The physical MEP experience was denied to our delegates this year, but the appreciation of what it means to be an active European citizen, the social connectedness and new friendships usually associated with MEP did not elude the delegates who took part in this first edition of a digi iMEP.

All eyes down on Romania, as it is next in line to host the 53rd international session.

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