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Digimep training 


The 2nd MEP training session took place online ahead of the international session.
Following is the report submitted by Briana Mifsud, a MEP alumni forming part of the co-ordinating team:

On Sunday 18th October, a preparatory session for Maltese delegates participating in digiMEP international was held on Zoom. The session was originally scheduled to take place at Aġenzija Żgħażagħ – St. Venera, but the responsible decision to hold the session online was made after a surge in COVID-19 cases. The session was organised by Aġenzija Żgħażagħ with the help of several MEP alumni who represented Malta in past international sessions, Veronika Sytnyk, Briana Mifsud, Gianluca Vella, Nigel Caruana and Maria Fsadni.

The main goal of the session was to familiarise delegates with the usual MEP procedure by a mock committee session followed by a mock General Assembly, all in 5 hours’ time. The delegates had already attended a training session beforehand where they had the opportunity to meet each other and learn the basics of public speaking, debating and speechwriting. Hence, they were given the opportunity to put those new skills to practice. An added bonus of holding the session online was that the delegates got a first-hand experience of how the virtual MEP Stockholm international session would play out.

The committee chosen for delegates was ENVI, concerned the issue of  marine littering. The session started off slowly but surely, with delegates initially hesitant to contribute to the resolution but gradually becoming more confident and ready to share their ideas. The delegates also debated several points and showed a great willingness to compromise in the pursuit of a beneficial resolution for their committee. Upon finishing the resolution, the General Assembly then commenced. Since only one resolution was created from the committee session, a resolution from the MEP Malta international session was reused to serve as practice for delegates to debate and practice speeches. After that, they were given the opportunity to defend the resolution they had just formulated. Every delegate got the opportunity to give a speech and was given feedback by MEP alumni.

Overall, all delegates showed great promise, and on behalf of all MEP Malta alumni, I would like to wish Chlöe Cauchi, Hailey Ciantar, Sam Delia, Daniela Marotta and Mariah Zammit the best of luck in the upcoming international session of MEP Stockholm next November.

Article written by Ms. Briana Mifsud – MEP Alumni

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