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Empowering Youth Through DiscoverEU: A Journey of Inclusion, Cultural Exploration, and Personal Growth

The DiscoverEU Inclusion Action supports young individuals from the same country with fewer opportunities to travel and discover European countries.

This travel opportunity offers the possibility to young people aged 18 years to have a short-term individual or group experience travelling across Europe by rail or other modes of transport where necessary. Alongside this travel opportunity and experiencing different cultures, it fosters a sense of belongingness as EU Citizens.

A group of young people from had the privilege of being DiscoverEU participants and visited three beautiful European cities: Vienna, Bratislava, and Budapest, each offering a unique blend of culture and cuisine.

Throughout their expedition, the young people immersed in diverse culinary delights and vibrant local cultures, gaining valuable life skills. From mastering the art of trip planning to solving unexpected challenges, reading maps to navigate their way around, and enhancing their communication skills, this experience was a holistic journey of growth and discovery.

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