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EU Funded Projects 2012


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Youth In Action 4.3

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A group of 25 European participants shared 5 training activity-packed days at the Marsaxlokk Youth Activity Centre between the 9th and the 13th of February 2013. Together they acquired skills on how to use drama to reach young people and help them in their various issues. There were moments dedicated to culture and traditions and this enhanced the European cultural transaction.

The group was made up of participants from Estonia, Cyprus, Spain, Turkey and Malta. The ages varied, but mostly were young people full of enthusiasm and energy to learn and share with others. English was the main language used, however, there were some foreigners who had difficulties in expressing themselves well and this could have caused an initial blockage. However, this was overcome by the overall desire to get to know one another and communicate as best as possible. There was co-operation between all participants in every aspect of the week’s living together.

The programme was well planned and packed with activities. Working together to produce good workshops had its ups and downs; however when the actual workshops were held with young people, they looked happy and satisfied. The programme also included some culture and traditions. The programme content was very interesting and provided the participants with skills and insight to drama. Participants are now aware of how to use certain skills in order to help young people express themselves and deal with their issues. Interacting with other people coming from different cultures and traditions provided the participants with a wider perspective to European culture in general and young people in particular.

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