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A.S.K.(ing) YOU(th): Developing Competencies for Creative Youth Work Practice

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2020-01- MT01-KA227-YOU-092437

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Youth is a particular stage in a person’s life course that is often defined as the transitory period between childhood and adulthood. As with all other stages in life, youth presents its own particular opportunities and challenges, through which young people have to navigate to successfully leave childhood and enter into adulthood. Youth work was developed to facilitate these transitions, with youth workers working with and for young people to ensure smooth transitions. This however requires youth workers to possess and be able to use specific sets of competencies often defined in terms of Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge (A.S.K.).

In this regard the overarching objective of this project is to increase the understanding of youth as a transitionary period in life between childhood and adulthood and equip youth workers with the right set of competencies to provide a quality youth work service. This project will take on an innovative approach be using artistic and cultural initiatives with an educational dimension to explore societal issues faced by young people and in turn develop the Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge needed by youth workers to provide creative and innovative youth work services. Youth researchers, youth workers and young people will be working together with the creative sector to draw up a set of competencies needed by youth workers and a training programme that will help youth workers garner these competencies as part of their arsenal.

The project is divided into 3 phases. During the first phase a group of around 30 creative writers from the three participating countries, and comprised of different age groups from young people to adults and including youth workers will be engaged in creative writing process to depict their own understanding of societal issues that young people face. During the second phase youth researchers and youth workers will engage in a research analysis of all the material developed by the creative writers to produce an understanding of youth as experienced by these writers, highlighting the competencies needed to provide a quality youth work service. During the third and final phase youth researchers and youth workers from the three participating countries will work together to develop a training programme for youth workers who would want to master such competencies.

Total project Cost
€ 277,727.00

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