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in tune with myself

‘In Tune with myself’, a life skills programme run and delivered by Agenzija Zghazagh hosted young people of 11 to 14 years of age.

Through different means and tools the youth workers, encouraged the young participants to express their emotions taking a holistic approach.

In Tune with Myself engaged young people in three (3) different sessions which allowed the participants to have ample time to engage and be active whilst also enhance the young people’s ability to identify their emotions, communicate them and manage them effectively.

The sessions enabled the young people to delve deep and widen their emotional literacy, whilst also acknowledge their potential to deal with stressful events.

Throughout the sessions, one could note that the practices applied allowed the young participants to focus on emotional triggers and relationships.

Moreover, In Tune with Myself created the space for young people to touch base with their mental and physical well-being whilst also identify and apply techniques to be able to cope with emotional challenges.

After completing this programme, young people were able to identify their emotions and address their feelings, how to be more empathic, deal with difficult situations proactively, and control their emotions by seeking help and engaging in practical activities.

The following are some comments the young people share with the youth workers:

“I now have a better understanding of what feelings and emotions are, as well as understanding what I could do to calm myself.” – Maria

“It was enjoyable participating in these sessions, with all the games and all the new people I met.” – Matthias

“I learnt so so so  much about the feelings and emotions, and now I also know what is the difference between the feelings and emotions.” – Sera

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