128 webinars delivered to young people in secondary schools during february 

Agenzija Zghazagh in collaboration with the Directorate for Learning and Assessment Programmes, launched an online programme called It’s My Choice targeting PSCDE students in secondary schools.

25 schools enrolled in this initiative and during February, youth workers from Agenzija Zghazagh delivered 128 sessions in secondary schools in Malta and Gozo, reaching out to around 1600 students.  Another round of about 100 sessions will be delivered in March.

The sessions, in the form of webinars, are delivered to students in Years 9, 10 and 11 and focus on the relationship between weighing options and making choices on issues relevant to young people, namely dealing with stressful situations, different career paths and first-time voters.

Each session targets a different year group, specifically dealing with challenges which young people are going through. 

Year 9

Young people in Year 9, who have moved to another  bigger school, are supported to tackle decisions in stressful situations. Youth workers help young people understand stress, its causes and different ways one can deal with stress. Students are guided to understand when they need to ask for professional help, and where this may be provided.

Year 10

Making career related decisions is the focus of the webinar developed for Year 10s, who would be in the process of reflecting regarding career choices after compulsory schooling. Within this session, special attention is given to an awareness of knowledge and skills gained through extra-curricular activities.

Year 11

With Year 11s, who are 16 or approaching their 16th birthday, youth workers from Agenzija Zghazagh raise the subject of first-time voting, and more specifically, decisions involved in choosing to vote and choosing how to vote, including weighing options available, understanding propaganda and making informed choices

The sessions are designed to engage with students interactively, engaging young people in discussions and exercises. In this way, Aġenzija Żgħażagħ uses this online encounter to facilitate a space where young people can share their views.

PSCD teachers who would like more information regarding these sessions may enquire through

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