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Agenzija Zghazagh launched ‘Trust Yourself to Talk – Anxiety is this you?’ in April as part of the European Youth Information Day campaign initiatives.

The European Youth Information Day marked on the 17th April is a special occasion to raise awareness about the right of young people to access full and reliable information and recognise the work of youth information workers. This occasion is marked by the member organisations within the ERYICA network, and this year the campaign aims to contribute to the discussion on mental health issues.

‘Trust Yourself to Talk – Anxiety is this you?’  bring together various initiatives over the span of 6 weeks aims to help break down stigma, whilst encouraging young people to seek assistance and attain reliable information through professional services. The campaign has been designed to reach out to and engage  young people from 13 to 25 through various initiatives.

Young European Youth Card holders ( 18 yrs – 25 yrs), have received an information pack which included a letter of awareness , a monthly calendar featuring different activities one can take up during the month that help improve their mental health wellbeing more over indicate valuable and trustworthy entities which provide free mental health services in Malta.

Young people within organisations had the possibility to register for and attend on-line sessions which gave a better insight of the repercussions of anxiety whilst also being able to identify tools and coping strategies that would help them or their closed ones to deal with anxiety. Young people are also given the possibility to register for one to one session with a professional youth worker. The aim of these one-to-one sessions is to create a safe space where young people can share their concerns which will allow them to attain the proper reference and support to their needs.

Youth Worker online

Youth Worker Online is a free online service which aims to support young people who may wish to know more about anxiety and mental health, and how to get help.
Young people may use this service by booking an appointment

As part of ‘Trust Yourself to Talk – Anxiety is this you ?’, Agenzija Zghazagh is inviting young people (16 yrs – 30 yrs) to participate in a survey. Covid-19 pandemic has caused a lot anxiety amongst young people, and Agenzija Zghazagh wants to find out ways to support the youth to cope with anxiety more efficiently. The purpose of this survey is to capture feedback about the wellbeing young people vis-a-vis to anxiety.

* *All answers received will remain confidential and they will be only used in finding ways to improve the wellbeing services of the young people.

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