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During the month of October, Eurodesk MT run by Aġenzija Żgħażagħ celebrates the ‘Time to Move’ campaign; a campaign which is a collection of online and physical events all over Europe. The activities are organised by Eurodesk experts who can give you personalised guidance on international opportunities. Even though one has not been able to physically move much due to the restrictions as a result of the corona virus pandemic, many young people have found alternative ways on how to keep themselves active and make their aspirations come true.

Eurodesk MT met Christoph Schwaiger; a young person who has started a new life journey at Groningen in the Netherlands. If you are interested in participating in EU opportunities we encourage you to visit the Eurodesk MT website and to get in touch with our Eurodesk Mobility Advisor for reliable information and the assistance you require.

Christoph's story

Along with many others in Malta I had to restrict social outings during the coronavirus pandemic. While I was on my laptop at home I discovered a city I hadn’t yet heard of – Groningen, in the Netherlands. A few clicks later I set my sights on this student city which is home to one of the world’s top universities.

I decided to apply for a master’s degree in a field which was very different from my previous academic background so there were some hurdles to overcome. I persevered and got accepted.

I was fortunate enough to experience some sort of social life during my first weeks in Groningen, however the situation in relation to the coronavirus deteriorated quickly. Two months into my master’s in journalism the Netherlands went into partial lockdown.

I try to make the most of the situation by keeping myself active – online. I’ve been elected to represent two master programmes on an advisory committee at the University of Groningen. I’ve also been accepted on the editorial committee of the Dutch United Nations Student Association and on the research committee of the Groningen Students’ Union.

I was fortunate enough to meet three amazing humans in my class – Sofia, Zsuzsi, and Miriam – and we try to keep each other motivated.

Living during these uncertain times is not always straightforward. It’s easy for things to derail. From my end I’ve been striving to keep moving forward, one step at a time.

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