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Moving on from the pandemic


time to move campaign 


During the month of October, Eurodesk MT run by Aġenzija Żgħażagħ celebrates the ‘Time to Move’ campaign; a campaign which is a collection of online and physical events all over Europe. The activities are organised by Eurodesk experts who can give you personalised guidance on international opportunities. Even though one has not been able to physically move much due to the restrictions as a result of the corona virus pandemic, many young people have found alternative ways on how to keep themselves active and make their aspirations come true.

Eurodesk MT met Luke Bugeja Gauci; a young person who has dance very much at heart and has been able to reach success during the lockdown restrictions. If you are interested in participating in EU opportunities we encourage you to visit the Eurodesk MT website and to get in touch with our Eurodesk Mobility Advisor for reliable information and the assistance you require.

Luke's story

Covid-19 has not reached its curtain call yet and has introduced many acts and different scenari-os which we had to abide to; a reality that has brought us to be flexible and rigid at the same time and stay at home on most days. Many have engaged in new activities, others managed to com-plete unfinished home projects whilst I, as a dancer had to seek ways on how to keep living in my normal body and much more. As a performing artist, it was nice to see that, as the pandemic has pressed on, people have found innovative ways to come together. There have been dances of gratitude, dances with masks, dances that connect, as a way of encouraging people to dance their blues away.

Dancers’ lives are mostly spent in spaces crowded with people. They rehearse in studios where it’s often uncomfortably warm and stuffy (better for the muscles), but here I am, far from others and from the people who ensure that they are able to hone their technique day after day. I was bound to my minuscule room and hard rock floor to exercise and practice my love and interest in dance. The surrounding walls of our house where the eyes to the recital of my upcoming auditions, the ears to my strategic plans on how to further my studies and the only safe space available to keep focusing on my projects and develop my potential.

One thing I’ve learned through those longs hours of practise is that ‘Self-preservation is at the top of the agenda’; and this has been put into greater affect thanks to technology! Even though the performing stage is very much different from what I am accustomed to, I must admit that is has been quite a remarkable experience to see other dancers, like myself, glean from the little digital squares and every so often, receive a correction from directors / choreographers. The show must go on and there was no way I was stopping myself from moving forward and reach my aims and objectives. There was no time for me to stop moving even though I was set to one base!

Perseverance is the key! Following the intense training at home and studies I followed, I managed to attain very positive outcomes and reach my dreams. I am honoured to say that I was chosen to further my studies in dance at the ZHDK in Zurich and once again be able to move.

Believing in the future requires an act of faith – The pandemic is not over yet and we have to adapt to new reality, but it’s important to maintain optimism and find ways to move forward. Now I have a new appreciation for my work and I am sure other dancers and choreographers feel the same way. 

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