Online Leadership Course at Sir MA Refalo Sixth Form – Gozo

On 1st December 2020, 11 young people from Sir MA Refalo Sixth Form started the Online Leadership Course being offered by Aġenzija Żgħażagħ.

This course consists of 4 modules with 5 sessions each and tackles theories and skills that are related to leadership such as Communicating effectively, strategic planning, civic responsibilities and active citizenship.

During the first module, different leadership perspectives and theories were explored.

  • In session 1, a discussion was held about whether leaders are born or made and 8 different theories were tackled.
  • In session 2, the young people shared who are the people they look up to and admire. After this, different leaders throughout history were researched through a game. The traits that these leaders have were discussed.
  • It was then time to explore three different styles of leadership which the young people actively explored through roleplays.
  • Sessions 4 and 5 were then based on personal strengths and weaknesses, the different leadership roles that the young people have, some of which they were previously unaware of, as well as skills related to working within a team.

After each session, the young people submit their journal with a reflection about the session.

Module 2 will be focusing on communication skills and will resume after the Christmas holidays.  This module will include a debating exercise to help the young people practice public speaking and build confidence. Skills related to writing effective emails will also be tackled.

This course is not just targeted for young people who aim to be leaders. Many found that they already have leadership roles in their everyday life within their families, friends and other different groups. Through this course, many life skills are learnt and students who complete it will receive an Award at Level 3 certificate.

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