Our Agency

Our Agency

Aġenzija Żgħażagħ provides young people with the time and space to make friends, learn in new ways and develop their talents through our regional youth services and our extensive empowerment programme.

Through our interactive youth information service we provide information on services and opportunities for young people as well as listening to their views on issues that impact on their lives. Through Eurodesk, the European Youth Card and our participation in EU programmes, young people are offered the opportunity of exploring life, learning and work across Europe.

Our Mission

Our mission is to manage, implement and coordinate the National Youth Policy and to promote and safeguard the interests of young people.

Our empowerment programme provides young people with projects and activities in the visual arts, music, theatre, film, writing, and civic and political engagement at local and European level; as well as supports for voluntary youth organisations and a dedicated programme, Youth.inc, for young people experiencing difficulties in education and the transition to working life.

Our regional youth services provide activities in our youth cafes, youth hubs, schools and the youth activity centres in Dingli and M’Xlokk.

Young people should be respected, valued and listened to and be supported and encouraged in building fulfilling personal and social relationships and in developing their innate abilities and talents for the benefit of themselves, their communities and society.

Our Functions

Function 1

Provide new spaces and facilities both at regional and local community level for young people.

Function 2

Develop and implement services, programmes, projects and initiatives for the active engagement, empowerment and participation of young people.

Function 3

Develop and implement cross-sectoral supports for young people that enhance their social participation and their learning and employment prospects.

Function 4

Raise awareness among young people; listen to and support the voice of young people, and actively involve them in the decision making process on issues that impact their lives.

Function 5

Develop and implement alternative learning programmes for young people who are socially excluded, at risk or have left school early.

Function 6

Foster and support cooperation in the youth field at European and international level and liaise with the European Union Programmes Agency in maximising the opportunities provided under the Erasmus + Youth in Action programme.

Function 7

Actively encourage and facilitate the involvement of youth organisations/NGOs, in the provision of programmes, projects and initiatives for young people.

Function 8

Undertake and publish ongoing research and data collection on the lives of young people.

Spaces for young people
Regional Youth Services
Funding Schemes
Cooperation Agreements

Our Strategic Objectives

Strategic objective 1

Provision and enhancement of youth cafes, youth hubs and youth activity centres.

Strategic objective 2

A comprehensive, relevant, accessible and high-quality range of services, programmes, projects and initiatives for the active engagement, empowerment and participation of young people.

Strategic objective 3

A comprehensive, relevant, accessible and high quality range of cross-sectoral initiatives and supports for young people that enhance their social participation and their learning and employment prospects, particularly in: education and training, health and well-being, employment and entrepreneurship, arts and culture, social inclusion, voluntary and community service, and sports and recreational activities.

Strategic objective 4

An interactive youth information service that engages with young people enables their voice to be heard and facilitates their involvement in the decisions that impact their lives.

Strategic objective 5

A comprehensive, relevant, accessible and high-quality alternative learning programme for young people who are socially excluded, at risk or have left school early.

Strategic objective 6

Maintaining a high profile and active involvement in European youth policy development and implementation and undertaking high-quality projects under the Erasmus + Youth in Action programme.

Strategic objective 7

Strengthening the capacity of the youth voluntary sector.

Strategic objective 8

A body of research and data on the lives of young people that informs Government and other relevant stakeholders and supports evidence based decision making.

Our Great Story
  • 14th December 2010 – Aġenzija Żgħażagħ was set up as per Legal Notice 522/2010.


  • 26th February 2011 – The launch of the youth information portal
  • Aġenzija Żgħażagħ became a member of the European Youth Information and Counselling Agency (ERYICA)


  • 26th January 2012 – The launch of youth empowerment programme
  • 28th May 2012 – The youth activity centre in Villa Psaigon Dingli opened its doors
  • 19th July 2012 – The first youth cafe in Qawra opened for young people
  • 18th October 2012 – Young people started to benefit from scheme – the Music Tuition for young people in Band Clubs


  • 1st March 2013 – First Youth Hub opened in Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary School
  • 23rd July 2013 – The Youth information One stop shop started operating
  • The European youth information charter was signed
  • 8th February 2014 – A4U and Be active Schemes were launched to support youth organisations
  • 11th August 2015  – The launch of the National Youth Policy 2015-2020
  • 1st December 2015 – The Youth Village in ST Venera started its operation
  • 28th June 2016 – Aġenzija Żgħażagħ established its detached youth work service
  • 1st January 2017 – Eurodesk  operates through Aġenzija Żgħażagħ
  • 20th – 23rd March – Malta hosted its first  EU Youth Conference and the European Director’s General Meeting during the EU Presidency
  • 1st October 2018 – Aġenzija Żgħażagħ started its youth work  Civic Education programmes in schools
  • 6th – 8th November 2018 – Aġenzija Żgħażagħ Hosted the 3rd Commonwealth youth work conference
  • 4th-6th July –  Young Med Voices Debate Forum
  • 10th August – Mirrors & Windows 2: Maltese Young People’s Perspectives, Experiences and Expectations of Education, Employment and Lifestyles had been published.
  • 20th October – Aġenzija Żgħażagħ launched the Student Councils Democracy Awards and the Young Parliamentarians.
  • 9th – 15th November – Aġenzija Zgħażagħ hosted the 51st  International Model European Parliament.
  • 2nd December – Establishment of Regional Youth Services
  • 29th April –  Launch of the first digital youth work services
  • 13th July – Launch of Transition Programmes for students who are changing schools from primary to middleschool and from middleschool to Secondary school
  • 15th October – Aġenzija Żgħażagħ awarded the Quality Service Charter.
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