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My Next School Adventure
A transition online summer programme for students starting Year 7
Programme Overview

My Next School Adventure is an online summer programme for students who are finishing their Year 6 and starting their next school adventure in Middle School (year 7) next September. For students this transition brings about both challenges and opportunities through their new school environment, new subjects, different teachers and timetables, meeting new students and much more. During the online sessions students will have the opportunity to meet up with other youngsters who will be going through the same school transition. Together we intend to explore how students could minimise the challenges and capitalise on the opportunities they will have. Also, the sessions are intended to be fun and interactive and will be using games, crafts, drama, quizzes, group work and discussions.

The 8 Sessions will tackle issues such as:
  • Me and my new school
  • Expressing my views in class
  • Discovering my learning styles
  • Working with my peers
  • Being an active student
  • Dealing with conflict and getting support at school
  • Managing my time both at school and home
  • Ready for the new school adventure

Students who will participate in this programme will:

  • Explore their personal skills;
  • Look at effective ways to express their views in class;
  • Discovering their learning styles;
  • Working with fellow students effectively;
  • Learning to be active students, dealing with conflict;
  • Getting support from school and how to manage time both at school and home.
How to Apply:

Applications are now closed. 

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