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The secondary school survival kit

The Secondary School Survival Kit – a skills based transition programme to ensure that students will be able to reach their potential and be the best they can be

Programme Overview

The Secondary School Survival kit is an online programme for students who have just finished Year 8 and will be starting Year 9 next September. The programme aims at equipping them with essential skills for a smooth transition to their last 3 years of secondary school.    

What are these sessions about?

Important issues related to transitioning to the last 3 years of secondary school will be tackled through a playlist of popular songs that will serve to launch the different themes.  We will be visiting different issues that put together will equip students with a survival kit that will lead them through their last years of secondary school.  On completion of the sessions, the students will be given a certificate of participation and the survival kit.

The Survival Kit Playlist

1. “A million dreams”
 Thinking about the future

2. “Hall of Fame
Goal setting

3. “Rock around the clock
Time management

4. “Roar”
Strengths & Weaknesses

5. “I’ll be there

6. “What about us?”
Student citizens

7. “I will be fine
Ensuring wellbeing

8. “Don’t stop me now
Skilled for Secondary

How to Apply:

Applications are now closed. 

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