Developing skills to stand up and speak out against bullying

Standing up and speaking out is difficult, especially if one feels that s/he can do little about the situation. Moreover, if this is experienced by a young person, taking action is harder and causes stress.

In December and January, Agenzija Zghazagh delivered an online afternoon programme focused on the importance of seeking help in difficult situations.  Over one hundred and fifty young people participated in the Stand Up Speak out three-week session programme.

The overarching theme was how young people could stand up and speak out to stop bullying, whether happening in person or online.

During these sessions, the young participants defined what bullying is. They identified the different roles individuals have in bullying situations and investigated strategies to stand up for oneself and others experiencing bullying.

The sessions allowed the young people to express their views, feel safe to share their experiences, explore solutions, and be aware of the different professionals who can help them out. The notion of being an upstander was promoted and encouraged to the participants. The idea of how to stand up for a victim was something the participants found interesting and novel during the sessions.

The youth at the end of the sessions shared that they had a lot of fun because they could discuss freely without being judged, while working and debating with others and in some cases making new friends.

Young people and parents interested in similar courses can contact Agenzija Zghazagh. In February and March, the Fine Online course will start. As the title suggests, it will focus on wellbeing online.

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