programm ta' ċittadinanza attiva fil-komunita' 

 FineOnline was a 3-session online programme targeting young people aged 11-14 years

159 applicants enrolled in this course, which was delivered by 9 youth workers during January – March 2021.

After 33 sessions and 13 courses, over 100 participants were awarded a certificate for completing this programme.

FineOnline aimed to engage, enlighten and empower young people on the topic of digital health and wellness through the identified hashtags #virtualwellbeing and #physicalandmentalhealth. These sessions provided a space for the participants to reflect on digital consumption, understand the need for striking a healthy online/offline balance and come up with different strategies to ensure responsible and independent online wellbeing.

Participants were also encouraged to share strategies for digital health and wellness both during the sessions and as a final follow-up task. Various digital detoxing strategies were shared including drawing, creative writing, walking, board games, reading, painting and different outdoor sports.

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