Transition Programmes

What is the Secondary School Survival Kit?

The Secondary Schools Survival Kit is an online transition programme that aims to equip students with essential skills for a smooth transition to their last 3 years of secondary school.

Who is it For?

It targets students who have just finished Year 8 and will be starting Year 9 the following autumn.

What will it do for me?

Students who are equipped with this kit will find it easier to transition through their last leg of secondary school.  The kit is presented in the form of a playlist.  Each record on the playlist launches a theme that will prompt a discussion around transition, change, celebrating self and friendships, and how to navigate the inevitable stresses associated with these years.  The Secondary Schools Survival Kit encourages students to look ahead and start building toward their future goals as individuals and as members of their respective communities.  On completion of the sessions, students are given a certificate of participation and the survival kit.

How can you be part of this programme?

Applications open in May 2021.

What is My Next School Adventure?

My Next School Adventure is an online summer programme for students who are finishing their Year 6 and starting their next school adventure in a Middle School. For students, this is a big and exciting change where in their new school they will have new subjects, different teachers and timetables, they will be meeting new students and much more. During the online sessions the students will have the opportunity to meet up with other youngsters who will be going through the same school transition. The 8 sessions programme aims to explore and navigate all these aspects together with the students. This will be done online through interactive games, crafts, drama, quizzes, group work and discussions.

Who is it For?

The programme is for students who are in year 6 and will start year 7 next scholastic year.

What will it do for me?
  • Explore my personal skills;
  • Look at effective ways to express my views in class;
  • Discovering my learning styles;
  • Working with fellow students effectively;
  • Learning to be active students;
  • Dealing with conflict;
  • Getting support from school;
  • How to manage time both at school and home
How can you be part of this programme?

Applications open in May 2021.

For further information please contact Aġenzija Żgħażagħ on 22586700
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