Youth 2020 conference - fINLAND


The experience in Tampere, Finland was a great experience for the Maltese Youth Workers representing Aġenzija Żgħażagħ.

Important current challenges and topics in relation to the role of Youth Work and also analysis of particular situations in different countries had been discussed.

On the first day, the hosting country Finland gave an overview of the structure of Youth Work in Finland and how important it is to both Tampere and the country itself. Afterwards, a concise discourse was given by Dr. Maria Pisani, outlining the migration crisis. Followed after her, a speaker spoke on marginalised young people and how we as Youth Workers can provide our support. Later in the afternoon, another speaker highlighted their experiences of Youth Work within schools.

On the second day, a talk on prevention on substance abuse was given highlighting the icelandic model. Furthermore, in the afternoon we discussed the climate and the issues we are facing and highlighted a number of measures that can be done also from the youth work point of view.

On the third day, as a Maltese delegation we presented what is Aġenzija Żgħażagħ, highlighted the services and opportunities we offer and also outlined specifically the Youth.Inc programme. In the afternoon, a very interesting discussion had been made regarding youth work and the digital world in the next 10 years and how important it is that youth workers and youth related agencies and entities understand the virtual world in order to keep updated with young people’s needs.

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