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youth ambassadors and yinfoPeers

Since 2012, ERYICA has been training young people to become Youth Ambassadors for youth information. So far, this has been taking place bi-annually, with training taking place in Malta (2012), Sweden (2014), Ljubljana (2016) and Alicante (2018). The Young Ambassadors are aged between 18-25 and come from all over Europe.

Aġenzija Żgħażagħ, an active member of ERYICA has been at the very forefront in providing this opportunity to young people and guide them through in being affective youth ambassadors whilst also collaborating with ERYICA to develop a training programme for the chosen youth ambassadors.

The idea for youth ambassadors began with the campaign ‘Information Right Now!’ back in 2012.
The campaign aimed to raise awareness among young people, decision-makers and media on the unique role of youth information concerning young people’s access to rights and the access to information as a right in itself for all young people. The campaign was highly successful, with numerous activities of all sizes and scales taking place across Europe.

Following various interviews of young applicants interested in being youth ambassadors, Aġenzija Żgħażagħ awarded this role to Ms Maria Fsadni (photo on the right) and Ms Sarah Galea; (photo on the left)

two young people who are actively involved in the community both in Malta & Gozo and have youth participation at heart.
Both Maria and Sarah will:

contribute to the design of the manuals which will become part of the ERYICA training system;

participate in the creation of a MOOC on how to lead an effective advocacy campaign and carry out a campaign themselves;

organise multiplier local-level events in their countries and a final joint seminar with decision-makers;

enter into the pool of ERYICA Youth Ambassadors and can apply to various different ERYICA events throughout the year. These can be events where ERYICA is represented, such as events organised by external stakeholders such as the European Commission, the Council of Europe, or other youth NGOs for example;

Youth Ambassadors can also:

attend key internal ERYICA events, such as the General Assembly;

be called upon to assist the secretariat in the dissemination of project activities or surveys, depending on ERYICA’s work programme for that year;

have the opportunity to acquire the necessary skills to communicate in public, to feel empowered to participate in various events, debates, campaigns and advocacy at different levels, and to meet other young people from all over Europe.

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