St. Joseph High Road St. Venera, SVR 1013, Malta

Working Together in the Community – Programme Arts' Project in collaboration with Jarhead Sailing and Tomasina Cat Sanctuary

Following the introduction of the Community Project-Based learning methodology, Jarhead Sailing and Tomasina Cat Sanctuary entrusted two groups of young people with mural projects.

Led by youth workers, the young people ventured in this opportunity to meet the community’s needs through creativity.  Indeed, the young people implemented the two projects over two terms, starting in September 2020.

Through a non-formal education approach, the young people teamed to share their artistic ideas and sketch the drawings that fit best the message these organisations wanted to communicate to the communities.

The project’s learning outcome enabled young people to understand how collectively they can express better their individual thoughts and yield successful results.

Moreover, they embraced better the community concept that is wide enough to offer space and opportunities to everyone to self-express their ideas and opinions.

Creativity serves as one of the best platforms to communicate these thoughts to the communities we belong to.

An attractive and vibrant mural expressed better these organisations’ role.

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