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Youth Information One Stop Shop (YIOSS)

The Youth Information One Stop Shop (YIOSS) aims to provide young people information on issues which pertain them.  We also provide information materials from a wide range of sources which promote activities and opportunities aimed at enabling young people to grow into healthy active citizens.

  • provide reliable, accurate and understandable information;
  • give access to different sources and channels of information;
  • give an overview of the options and possibilities available on all relevant topics;
  • help young people sift through the information overload they face today;
  • ensure that young people are aware of all the rights and services available to them and how to access them;
  • provide support in evaluating the obtained information and in identifying its quality;
  • guide young people in reaching their own decisions and in finding the best options open to them;
  • offer different channels of communication and dialogue in order to support young people in their search for information and knowledge; and
  • contribute to the media & information literacy of young people.

YIOSS caters for all young people and works around your needs.   What ever the question start with us.

For more information kindly contact Aġenzija Zgħażagħ on 22586700
or by email on
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